The fresher's guide

Some useful tips to get your life at the Collegio Einaudi off to the best start


  1. Join in with community life! Living in the Collegio means being part of a large family of students who view the Collegio as their Home, and this is exactly what makes it a place of personal development as well as of academic education!
  2. Be tolerant, and remember that we don’t live in a barracks: a cheerful and easygoing environment is an essential asset of the Collegio lifestyle! But do remember as well that we all like a little bit of peace and quiet when studying for an exam.   
  3. Ask the Custodians how the various services work:how to book and use the washing machines, how to use the recreational facilities (gym, games room, tv room...), where to find the vacuum cleaners, how to get help in connecting to the internet etc. Technical problems in your room or common areas may also be reported to the Custodians.  
  4. Be careful when using the facilities, in your own interest apart from anything else: repairs cannot always be immediate and they usually incur additional charges.


  1. Always remember to take your keys and badge with you when you go out if you think you'll be back after 2 a.m. But if you do forget them, there’s always a solution: just call the security service (you can find the number in front of any entrance) and they will send an agent to open the gate for you (misuse of this service will be sanctioned).  
  2. Avoid wastingwater, electricity and heat: saving these valuable resources means avoiding unwelcome raises to next year’s fees!    
  3. Remember to regularly check the noticeboards in the reception, on the Intranet, on the Collegio website and its official Facebook page:keeping up with deadlines, official info and events is essential and ensures that you don’t miss anything the Collegio has to offer.      
    N.B.: the password for the Intranet and the Wi-Fi is the same as the one you set for the Section's pc; every few months it expires and can be reset only through the pc itself.           
  4. Don’t miss the conferences and other cultural events (a great opportunity of interdisciplinary education), and take advantage of the courses organized by the Collegio, you won’t easily  find such low prices anywhere else!         
  5. If you can, join the Facebook group dedicated to your Section: lots of useful information is shared directly through this.  
  6. Don’t hesitate to contact the Reps (who are elected every year in October) to report problems of general interest, suggest improvements to the services for students and propose ideas on how to use the Section's budget.


Hoping to have been of some help,