12 May 2022

New! Call for Luciano Lenotti Awards


A new call has been published to reward the merit of our students!

Thanks to the contribution of Cantene S.r.l. and on the basis of the Osservatorio21 study and analysis lines, Collegio announces € 2,000 gross for the development of master’s degree theses with repercussions on the Piedmont area.

The call is open to Collegio Einaudi students enrolled in the 2nd year of a master’s degree course at one of the Piedmontese universities and AFAM institutes or to be enrolled in the last year of a cycle degree course single at the University of Turin.

Some of the possible topics as the subject of a thesis can be:

  • urban redevelopment of Piedmontese cities;
  • innovation plans for employment opportunities;
  • strengthening of local and regional tourism;
  • innovation projects in connection with local industries;
  • development of local culture and higher education;
  • local youth entrepreneurship

The awards are established in memory of Luciano Lenotti, a man of vision and innate relational ability, who assumed top positions in numerous companies (including SKF, ASP Asti), President of the Osservatorio 21 Association and tireless promoter of initiatives and projects in favor of of the City of Turin.

Training Meeting PFP Torino città del Futuro

May 23rd, 2022, 7 P.M. | San Paolo residence hall’s library

During the training meeting “Torino città del Futuro”, reserved for our students, great experts will intervene who will provide participants with useful information for participating in this new call, which aims to promote a culture oriented towards social, economic and/or environmental impact.


  • Michele Fronterré, General Manager Cantene srl, ex Alumno;
  • Giulio Fornero, he was Commissioner and General Manager of ASL Torinesi and Medical Director of the Hygiene and Organization Complex Structure of the Hospital Services, currently he is the Medical Director of Camminare Insieme;
  • Gabriele Catacchio, Head of Global e-Mobility Communication in Stellantis spa

To participate in the training activity, you must register on the PFP Platform