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At Collegio Einaudi you live your university experience 100% in total serenity and security.

What Einaudi Experience will offer you

872 Students from Italy and around the world

872 students from all parts of Italy and the world, a huge opportunity to make new friends

5 modern residence halls

5 modern, fully equipped residences in the heart of Turin and within walking distance of university campuses

150 training activities

150 activities to give you innovative learning experiences that will make you explore new parts of yourself


Autonomy and independence,
without ever feeling alone

Living in Collegio means living in complete autonomy and independence, never feeling alone.

Our spaces are designed to provide you with maximum comfort both individually and as a community. You will choose when to stay in your single room with private bath and when to be in the company of other students.

With our study rooms, you can always have the right focus to prepare for exams and always have someone to compare and grow with.

Meeting new people, becoming new people

Starting a new phase of life always brings challenges, especially when moving away from home.

Living in Collegio will allow you to enter a protected place, you will live for all intents and purposes in a community together with other male and female students from all corners of Italy and the world.
And who just like you, are beginning a new life journey.


Collecting challenges
and memories out of the ordinary

Through our training you will seize many challenges and collect wonderful memories.

You will be able to enrich your personal background with engaging moments and experiences, developing skills that you will carry along your career path through innovative and experiential training.

Grow and emerge through continuous opportunities

You will have access to a range of opportunities that will set you apart from other college students.

Study awards, incentives for studying abroad, super low rates for playing sports, special agreements and many benefits.

Thanks to Collegio, you will have access to many opportunities that will allow you to live your university years to the fullest.


Your new life
at Collegio Einaudi


How much does
Collegio Einaudi cost?

The Collegio’s annual fee is €7,800, but our students pay only a portion, ranging from €2,464 to €6,281 annually, divided into 3 installments.

The fee charged to students is calculated based on their household’s ISEE statement for college benefits (issued starting January 2024) and includes all Collegio services.

You will find all the details on the admission process document.

The words of
our students

How to enter
Collegio Einaudi

To enter you must participate in an admission process, find out which category you fall into and submit your application.

Undergraduate I and II level students

For students in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year of a bachelor’s degree program/universal degree program, and in the 1st year of a master’s or master’s degree program.

Students 3rd level

For Ph.D. students, students at a Master’s degree program, postgraduate courses and graduate schools.

International students

The first steps


Download the Collegio presentation

To have all the most important details with you at all times


Visit Collegio during Open Days

Book your tour at one of our residences or participate in open days online


Send your application now

Join our community and have a unique experience


& Answers

What does Collegio of Merit mean?

The Collegio di Merito is more than just a university residence: it offers university students not only a space to live the university years but a real 360 ° experience: opportunities, incentives and rewards for study, integrative and transversal training compared to the university one and a lively and stimulating community, aimed at accompanying the path of the individual student.

It differs from university residences for the range of additional services compared to residential ones, and access is only possible through a selection process based on merit and personal motivation.

The Colleges of Merit are Bodies recognized and accredited by the Ministry of University and Research.

Does Collegio Einaudi have a canteen?

There is no canteen service at Collegio Einaudi, but the floor kitchens are the real heart of community life!

The Collegio’s favorite place for students to share good food and long chats together.

All kitchens are equipped with electric stove, oven and microwave oven to accommodate the needs and culinary talents of each of our guests.

As with the other common areas, cleaners are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the kitchens, Monday through Friday.

For those who would like to take advantage of the canteen service, we point out that many of our residence halls are located in close proximity to EDISU university canteen.

How will my contribution be calculated?

At the time of signing the hospitality contract, students will automatically be placed in the 1st income bracket until the deadline of 1 December 2021, the latest date of submission of the ISEE 2021 Certificate, applicable to university services. If this document has not been submitted by that date, students will be automatically re-placed in the maximum contribution bracket (bracket VII). In the event that, following the presentation of this document, the contribution bracket should be different from I, an adjustment will be made on the first installment already paid.

Can I live in Collegio even if I live in Turin?

Yes, living at Collegio Einaudi is a unique experience! And there are no geographical constraints. The right opportunity to try an experience of independence and autonomy and become part of a young community

On the basis of what criteria are assigned to the various sections of Collegio?

The assignment to the specific Section will take place in accordance with the order of preference expressed in the application for admission, taking into account the rooms that will remain progressively available by proceeding to assign them to the newly admitted students in descending order of merit.
The assignment cannot be changed; it is possible to request the transfer of the section during the confirmation phase of the study place for the following academic year.

Is there a fee for the Collegio training?

No, it is included in the fee

What opportunities does it offer?

Annual courses of supplementary training tailored to individual needs and interests;
Economic incentives for international mobility, the achievement of language certifications and study stays abroad;
Opportunities for discovery and participation in the schedule of cultural activities in the city of Turin;
Sports activities in agreement with the CUS Torino (with an 80% discount);
Free counseling and listening services (eg coaching, psychological counseling, mentoring); study rooms in each section.

What is meant by accreditation and login?

To fill in the admission application, you must be accredited on the Student Portal. The login details are set by the student during accreditation.

What can I do if I have not found answers to my questions in this list?

Open a ticket at the Admissions and Confirmations Office via the TICKET area of ​​the Student Portal. If you are not a winner / winner of a study place, do not select any location in the relevant field.


Do you have further doubts?

Open a ticket on the Portale Studenti: registering is easy and free!

– Download the Guide to registration on the Student Portal
– Download the Guide to opening a ticket on the Student Portal

Our Admissions and Confirmation Office will get back to you as soon as possible!