Collegio Einaudi Library

Modern, bright and colorful: our Central Library is a real literary salon,

with the possibility to personally choose your own book, among the 27,000 volumes present, thanks to the open shelf arrangement.
It offers a vast catalog of books and ebooks, spaces to study and consult magazines or comics, Internet connection and photocopying service.

The Collegio’s Central Library is located in the Po residence hall (via Maria Vittoria 39), although the Collegio’s book heritage is also partly distributed in the other four residence halls: all libraries are in fact computerized in a single library system.

An advantage for our students: all the books present in the Libraries of the other Sections can always be requested through web booking from the Library site and be delivered directly to their own Section thanks to the interlibrary loan service!

The headquarters also houses the first Fundraising Library: created in collaboration with ASSIF (Italian Fundraising Association) Piedmont Territorial Group to offer a place for in-depth study, training, comparison and study on the topic.

Membership is free and open to all citizens, not just Collegio students!

The opening hours of the Central Library are: 14:00 – 20:00.
Membership instructions

If you do not have the Library card yet, please fill in this form and send it.

Then follow the instructions to use the Library’s services