Collegio Einaudi Staff


General Director

The General Director heads the operational structure of the Foundation. He carries out the functions of secretary of the statutory bodies and he is head of personnel.


Admissions and confirmation

The Admissions and Confirmations Office prepares and manages the admission and confirmation procedures for the place of study in Collegio. It is the point of contact for candidates for admission to Collegio and it is the reference point for all calls promoted by our Foundation.



The Training Team is responsible for designing and developing the Annual Training Plan, in synergy with the Scientific Committee.
It manages and supervises all the training activities provided by the Foundation.


Community life

The care of relations with the students of the residence halls of Collegio Einaudi is the responsibility of the Direction of each residence hall.
The Venue Directors, together with the custodians, are the point of reference for the guests of Collegio, both for the development of the training project, and for the internal dynamics of community life and compliance with the rules of coexistence.


Job orientation

The Training Team is also involved in promoting and creating important opportunities and opportunities for getting to know the world of professions and work, thanks to the development of partnerships with companies, organizations and realities of the national and international territory.


Communication and Public Relations

Collegio’s Communication and External Relations Office deals with the management and development of all the Foundation’s communication activities: from the digital world to the offline world.
It also follows relations with the territory, maintains institutional relations with external bodies and partners, organizes events and dialogues with the media.



The Fundraising Area of ​​Collegio manages relations with the supporters of the Foundation, plans and promotes fundraising campaigns in favor of the activities and projects of Collegio.


Technical Direction, management, development and sustainability of real estate assets

The Technical Direction, management, development and sustainability of real estate assetscoordinates and controls the routine maintenance activities, services and supplies of our facilities.
Manages and promotes the innovation and upgrading of our residence halls and safety management activities, both in the safety field (health and safety in the workplace), and in the security field (physical safety of anyone who lives or has access to Collegio) .



The Administration Office follows the Collegio’s accounting and deals with the administrative and accounting processes of the active and passive cycle, payments and tax payments. It draws up the final and budget balance sheets, checks and provides for the tax obligations of the Entity.


Human resources management

The Administration Office also takes care of personnel management, internal communications and supports it in the correct application of company regulations.



The Administration Office carries out the activities of the Foundation’s Secretariat and manages the meetings with the Statutory Bodies.



The custodians take care of the front office services, supervise the residence halls and are the point of reference, together with the Venue Director, for the reception and management of students.