Collegio Einaudi Venue Directors and Reception


The care of relations with the students of the residence halls of Collegio Einaudi is the responsibility of the Direction of each residence hall.
The Venue Directors, together with the custodians, are the point of reference for the guests of Collegio, both for the development of the training project, and for the internal dynamics of community life and compliance with the rules of coexistence.


Crocetta residence hall

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Silvia Demaria - Venue Director

Silvia Demaria Community Manager
Rossella Cafulli - Reception

Rossella Cafulli Reception

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Mole residence hall

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Margherita Alberini Venue Director
Carmela Acanfora - Reception

Carmela Acanfora Reception


Po residence hall

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Carolina Sassi Venue Director
Donatella Mastrantuono - Reception

Donatella Mastrantuono Reception


Laura Giovannini Reception


San Paolo residence hall

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Stefania Valentino - Venue Director

Stefania Valentino Venue Director
Damiana Diforenza - Reception

Damiana Diforenza Reception


Valentino residence hall

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Antonio Francesco Punzo Venue Director
Nicola Maniscalco - Reception

Nicola Maniscalco Reception