Learning at
Collegio Einaudi

A multidisciplinary universe


The University Collegio Einaudi Foundation offers a wide range of personalized and multidisciplinary educational experiences, complementary to those of university study courses and aimed at supporting students, so that they mature into men and women eager and able to contribute to the social, economic and cultural growth and improvement of society.

A concentrated and engaging experience

Taking part in educational courses at Collegio Einaudi is a profound and intense experience.


High customization of your learning course


Expert accompaniment along the way by Collegio staff and professional coaches

Transversal skills

Focus on transversal skills that are essential for the future of young people, such as self-awareness, awareness of others and the world


Belonging to a lively community that looks after individuals and the group as a whole, areas where students can share their merit and develop their ambitions.

Training Architecture and
path for the academic year 2021/22


The Collegio formula aims to create awareness of the individual at various levels.
For this reason, it mixes elements that develop self-awareness, awareness of others and of the world.

The training program is renewed every year.

During the academic year 2021/22 you will have the opportunity to explore the topic of “CREATIVITY” from a variety of multidisciplinary perspectives.

Find out in which month the training activities that interest you the most start!


Self-awareness and soft skills

Promote awareness of individual characteristics, self-efficiency and the development of areas of individual potential relating to the distinctive soft skills of the Einaudi community.

Training paths
  • Il potere della congruenza espressiva
  • Conoscere se stessi: esercizi con il questionario di autovalutazione PerfEcho
  • L’opportunità del rischio
  • Galateo della tavola e business lunch
  • IA: immaginazione applicata
  • STEMM GAMES: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicines, Games
Study and work orientation

– understand your motivational drivers and the transferability of your skills
– define your study career goals (first) and professional goals (later)
– acquire and train “operational skills” functional to the construction of your professional career in national and international contexts

Training paths:
  • Motivazione e metodo di studio
  • Dal sistema azienda all’imprenditorialità: un percorso laboratoriale per studenti universitari di eccellenza
  • Che lavoro voglio fare? Il mio obiettivo professionale
  • Linkedin e altri social network professionali: il mio profilo in formato web
  • Costruisco il mio CV
  • Preparazione al colloquio di selezione
  • Simulazione di assessment center
  • PHD e lavoro: confrontarsi con i selezionatori
  • The college experience: my competitive advantage to get my first job
  • Getting ready for my first job
  • International networking and personal branding
  • Agenda 2030 e il lavoro del futuro
  • MOVIRI: lavorare in ICT
  • Is this too big for you?
Sport, Play and Art

Promote individual well-being, supporting personal interests, attitudes and personal vocations through the exercise of practical activities – mainly in groups – in the recreational, sports and artistic fields.

Training paths:
  • Musica e creatività: il Voxonus Festival 2021 arriva in Collegio
  • Virtuoso mind
  • Creative mind
  • Singing mind
  • Logica-mente scacchi
  • In gioco: un viaggio alla scoperta dell’arte ludica
  • Leggere le immagini attraverso la fotografia
  • Fotografia (pratica) contemporanea
  • Improvvisazione teatrale
  • Tecniche pittoriche sperimentali: china, monotipia e acetato
  • Work Out Einaudi
  • Trekking experience
  • Via ferrata per principianti
  • Rugby team building
  • Lancio in tandem tra le nuvole
  • Dragon boat sulle rive del fiume Po

Awareness of others

Basic of despecialization

Integrate the purely “vertical” education of the university, acquiring knowledge of disciplines outside your university studies and emerging issues to support the effective and conscious exercise of your future roles in any field (professional, social, political, etc.)
– Train curiosity and the ability to take part in a discussion on emerging and current issues
– Acquire awareness of the skills necessary to take part in a ‘democratic and secular’ construction of meanings and signifiers

Training paths:
  • Welcome on board @ Collegio Einaudi
  • “Piove. E’ Mercoledì. Sono in Collegio”: dialoghi intorno ai temi della sostenibilità ambientale, sociale e economica e non solo
  • … other training courses are in the planning stage and will be announced shortly!
Working for the common good and awareness of challenges

– Become aware of social, environmental and economic phenomena, destined to have a strong impact on future society
– Acquire tools and experience useful to effectively carry out services for the benefit of the community in a perspective of systemic innovation, sharing of resources and cooperative regeneration

Training paths:
  • SDGs Powerhouse: Active
  • SDGs Powerhouse: Boost
  • SDGs Powerhouse: Challenge
  • SDGs Powerhouse: Change
  • SDGs Powerhouse: Dare
  • SDGs Powerhouse: Make

Awareness of the world

Awareness of the world and citizenship values

– acquire awareness of the skills necessary to take part in a democratic and secular construction of meanings and signifiers around the theme of citizenship and civil rights
– recovery of citizenship values and attention to the common good in a “distracted”, multicultural and multi-ethnic society
– acquire the ability to interpret contexts and enhance cultural and value differences from an inclusive perspective

Training paths:
  • Le forme della partecipazione. Prospettive filosofiche di cittadinanza attiva
  • … other training courses are in the planning stage and will be announced shortly!
Explore the territory

– Make the most of the historical, social, cultural, geographical and economic characteristics of the territory of Turin and Piedmont, which students are encouraged to explore independently
– Create the conditions to favor the possible establishment of roots in the territory when leaving the Collegio

Training paths:
  • Alla scoperta della Torino Liberty
  • Torino e i luoghi che hanno fatto la storia del cinema
  • Alla scoperta del quartiere San Salvario
  • Una notte all’Accademia!
  • Tour dei portoni, delle botteghe storiche e del ghetto ebraico
  • Murales e arte urbana a Torino
  • Gli angeli di pietra del cimitero monumentale a Torino
  • Tour della terra di mezzo: passeggiata tra i fiumi Po e Dora
  • Tour d’oltre Po: tra Borgo Po e Crimea
  • Torino “boia fauss”
  • Il Museo dell’Automobile di Torino
  • Game tour al Museo del Cinema di Torino
  • Tour del Parco del Valentino e del suo Borgo medievale
English & Italian proficiency

Support the acquisition of English language proficiency certified according to the CEFR international scale

Training paths:
  • English fit
  • Italian for foreign students

All the details of each training activity are available on the Training Platform, which the student can access with the credentials received during the assignment of the study place.


The fundamentals of your Collegio training

The Collegio Einaudi training experience is highly customizable for each student.

The Venue Director will plan one-to-one meetings with you at the beginning of the academic year, to review your proposed study plan together.

Make your choice, guided by your interests and needs; at the same time, don’t forget that the diversification of activities, focuses and experiences in your study plan is an important value.

When planning your personal study course, be sure to plan at least 70 hours of learning if you are enrolled in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of 1st level degree courses, and at least 25 hours of learning if you are enrolled in the following years.

Do not saturate your minimum amount of training hours with a single long-term training initiative, but prefer the inclusion of several different types of activities, in order to make the training experience as multidisciplinary as possible.


  • The training activities planned for the first semester of the academic year 2021/22 take place mainly in virtual mode, while the activities planned for the second semester will take place mainly in presence mode, with some exceptions indicated in the Training Platform
  • Some training activities for which it is not possibile to foresee the virtual mode (e.g. activities with a high experential content such as territorial exploration paths and recreational-sporting activities) may be published on the Training Platform (and notified via NL, social media and telegram) in last-minute mode, i.e. about 7 days before the start date of the activity itself: this in order to allow an organization compatible with any restrictions dictated by the COVID-19 health emergency.
  • For training activities in presence during the first semester, all participants involved will be required to exhibit a Green Pass (basic or enhanced) valid on the date of the training activity.
  • If during the academic year 2021/22 the conditions of the COVID-19 health emergency make it necessary to re-plan one or more training activities from face-to-face to virtual mode, the students will be promptly informed.
    Conversely, the activities originally planned in virtual mode will not undergo changes regarding the delivery method during the year.
  • Participation in training activities in virtual mode necessarily requires a stable connection to the internet, microphone and video camera turned on.
  • The use of the training courses is further regulated by the “PFP Student Regulation” which you can consult – from the moment of notification as winner of the study place – through the Training Platform

The teaching method

Learning at Collegio Einaudi is achieved through a teaching method that favors 4 factors




Learning time is precious, which is why we concentrate the study experience without compromising on intensity.



Learning means experiencing: for this reason, our courses include opportunities for students to experiment in the field and to test themselves.



Learning requires motivation: to support and grow our students’ ability to focus on their learning objectives, our courses comprise independent in-depth study and individual work phases.


Community well-being

Every opportunity to learn favors individual well-being and well-being of the Einaudi community. Every experience, as well as every learning process, must be accompanied by attention and respect for our own well-being and the well-being of others.


Learning Activators

Each educational course represents a learning ecosystem that uses a variable combination of 4 activators:


Basic bricks / Fondamentali

Interactive content sharing session, aimed at developing basic knowledge together with experts in the subject.


Trial & Think Lab / Laboratori

A laboratory session, aimed at further supporting the learning process through direct, individual or group experience.


A cup of tea with…/ ispirazioni

An interactive dialogue session with special guests, aimed at discovering new horizons and questioning our most deeply-rooted ideas..



An unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary experience, aimed at achieving a further level of learning to be discovered together in which individuals and groups collaborate, compete and learn naturally.


What is the PFP?

It is the Collegio’s Personalized Training Plan, which each student draws upon entering Collegio and which they undertake to attend for the entire academic year.
The Collegio Einaudi Foundation offers a wide range of multidisciplinary training experiences, complementary to those of university courses.
Taking part in the learning paths at Collegio Einaudi is a dense and engaging experience that is characterized by:
• the high level of personalization of one’s learning path
• expert accompaniment along the way by Collegio staff and professional coaches
• the focus on transversal skills that cannot be renounced for young people who intend to guide their own idea of ​​the future such as Self-Awareness, the Other and the World
• belonging to a living community attentive to self-care, the group and the wider community as areas in which to share one’s merit and cultivate / grow one’s ambitions

Is there a fee for the Collegio training?

No, it is included in the fee

Can I choose the training hours to follow?

It is possible to choose the composition of your PFP but each student of Collegio will have to plan
– 70 hours of training per year for those attending the first 3 years of university
– 25 hours of training per year for those attending the following years

The minimum number of training hours is required by ministerial decrees 672 and 673 of 2016.

What is the ultimate goal of the Collegio’s training?

The training of Collegio aims to support female students and university students in becoming People, Citizens, Professionals aware: of their own resources, of the world around them and of their possibility and opportunity to create an impact of growth and improvement at social, environmental and economic.

What kind of training path are foreseen in the PFP?

The PFP includes courses aimed at perfecting the study method, at acquiring self-awareness and one’s own resources, at reinforcing soft skills, at guiding one’s study and work choices, and at reinforcing English language skills, at supporting the own psycho-physical well-being, to explore the territory and generate impact in the reference community.

Any further doubts or questions?

The Training Team is at your disposal for any queries you may have.

Laura Viada - Director of Training and Head of the Admissions and Confirmations Office

Laura Viada Director of Training

Silvia Demaria - Venue Director

Silvia Demaria Venue Director

Paola Pagano - Venue Director

Paola Pagano Venue Director

Stefania Valentino - Venue Director

Stefania Valentino Venue Director


Antonio Francesco Punzo Venue Director