Collegio Einaudi Collegio Einaudi


Collegio Einaudi is a private, non-profit foundation which manages “Collegi di Merito” recognized and accredited by the MUR.
With its five residence halls, Collegio offers accommodation and training courses to over 850 deserving university students.

Our Mission We value the merit and potential of university students motivated to develop new skills, achieve excellent results and grow as People, Citizens and Professionals, offering them a stimulating and interdisciplinary study and living environment and personalized and transversal study courses.

Our values and beliefs

The centrality of the person

As part of a community in which to develop self-knowledge and self-awareness, develop one’s personality and conscience, strengthen the skills of relationship, autonomy and a sense of responsibility.

As a respect for differences in beliefs and orientation.
Opening up to civil society and to the realities of the economic world and the professions

To form responsible citizens and contribute to the social, economic and cultural growth and improvement of society.


Open to knowledge and engagement with different disciplines, knowledge, experiences and origins.


As a guarantee of access to and completion of university studies for capable and deserving students, even if from low-income families.

As a focus on the environmental impact of our facilities and as training of our students on issues related to sustainable development goals.

Structure of the Foundation

The Bodies, the administrators and the team of people who work for Collegio.

The Statute of the Foundation

Transparency and Quality

Collegio Einaudi is committed to seeking and ensuring transparency and quality throughout the internal and external processes involved in its system and organizational model.


The actions implemented by our Foundation to protect the planet and to achieve the Sustainable Goals of the 2030 Agenda.


Our Publications

Periodically, the Collegio Einaudi Foundation publishes a report on the activities carried out on the various fronts to fulfill the institutional plans.

Annual Report a.a. 2017-2018 e 2018-2019

The period from 2017 to 2019 was very dense with activities and events, the report of this two-year period traces the main milestones on the fronts of

  • Building redevelopments
  • Activities for students through personalized training
  • Fundraising project
Reports of past years

The reports of the past years are available on the Issuu platform