Listening and guidance services


All Collegio Einaudi, students benefit, during their stay at Collegio from guidance services, psychological support and other forms of assistance aimed at supporting learning, growth and personal self-fulfillment.

All the services are free of charge for the college students.

The services operating and the procedures for accessing/using them are described below.


Collegio Einaudi offers its students a peer-tutoring service thanks to the collaboration of a team of tutors – at least one for every 30 students as required by art. 4 of the Ministerial Decree 8 September 2016 no. 673- specifically selected from among the students of Collegio and equally distributed in the various residence halls.
The tutors are students who – like any other student – live the university experience and are part of the Collegio community.
They represent an important internal reference network and are required to provide support throughout the academic year in:

  • pursuit of the objectives set by the Personalized Training Plan
  • access to the numerous opportunities and services of Collegio (e.g., notices of competitive examinations, study awards, cultural initiatives, events …)
  • understanding of university subjects and study courses

There are no time constraints or special conditions to get in touch with your tutor.
Contact can be in person or remote, based on the availability and preferences of the student and his/her tutor.
If you haven’t met yet, ask your residence hall Director to refer you to the tutors in your residence hall!


Study & Career Coaching

Collegio Einaudi offers its students the opportunity to undertake an individual study & career coaching courseheld by the professionals of IF LIFE DESIGN.

This service is especially designed for those students who during their study course begin to have doubts about the course chosen or to be chosen, such as choosing the master’s degree program, or fears about their ability to effectively deal with the university course and how to find the best strategies to achieve their learning goals, having to increase resources and strategies to overcome obstacles, unexpected events, setbacks in the course of study undertaken that can cause their motivation to waver.
The Study & Career coaching course has an indicative duration ranging from 1 to 3 sessions of one hour each.
Contact information and reservations are available in the Collegio’s’intranet 


Life Coaching

Collegio Einaudi offers its students the opportunity to undertake an individual coaching course, held by professionals with proven skills from the Gestalt School of Coaching.
A coaching course can help students to increase their level of self-awareness, access their individual resources and recognize modifiable action patterns, and to pursue overall improvement in relation to their future projects, plans and actions.
The possible objectives of the coaching course include:

  • the development of skills to achieve personal, academic and professional goals;
  • self-orientation in study, career choice.

The duration of the coaching course ranges from 2 sessions of one hour each up to a maximum of 10.
In the case of particular needs and subject to acceptance by the coach, the individual course can be exceptionally extended up to 20 sessions during the student’s overall stay at the college.
The list of coaches and contact information are available in the Collegio intranet.


Psychological Counseling

Students of the Collegio – regardless of their university of reference – can access psychological support courses, held by postgraduates and professionals with proven skills and aimed at accompanying:

– overcoming moments of emotional difficulty in real life and in pursuing personal, academic and professional projects
– processing of problematic events in any sphere, promoting recovery
– achievement and consolidation of a situation of psychophysical and relational well-being.
The following are partners of Collegio Einaudi in the provision of psychological counseling services:

1) Counseling service of Università degli Studi di Torino: 

It is necessary to contact the “Spazio di Ascolto” and follow the instructions provided on the dedicated page

We would like to point out that in the event of urgent cases, support can be requested more quickly by contacting your Venue Director.

2) Scuola Gestalt Art Counseling srl:

How to make an appointment
The list of counselors and contact information are available on the Intranet.

Where do the meetings take place?

Online or according to indications agreed with the counselor.

3) Association of Volunteers Area G:

How to make an appointment?
– at any time with a message on the answering machine at no. 011/6506061
– on Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 by calling the number 346/0562849
– with an email to
Remember to always specify that you are a student of Collegio!

Where do the meetings take place?
Methods and locations of the meetings, face to face or online, will be agreed with the therapist.
Each path includes n. 2 hours of initial interview aimed at gathering the psychological needs and confirming the acceptance of the request, followed by up to a maximum of 10 hours of psychological interviews aimed at allowing the problematic event to be processed.
During the academic year, up to a maximum of 85 hours of psychological counseling will be provided for the benefit of the Collegio students.



Students staying at Collegio Einaudi who are about to graduate and are interested in receiving useful advice for their professional future can also discuss their situation with the Mentors of the Collegio Alumni Association.
Their personal and professional maturity, competence and experience can help students approach their first professional goal with greater awareness.

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