The custodians take care of the front office services, supervise the residence halls and are the point of reference, together with the Section Management, for the reception and management of students.


Crocetta residence hall

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Rossella Cafulli - Reception

Rossella Cafulli Reception


Po residence hall

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Donatella Mastrantuono - Reception

Donatella Mastrantuono Reception

Luciano Saracino - Reception

Luciano Saracino Reception


San Paolo residence hall

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Damiana Diforenza - Reception

Damiana Diforenza Reception

Antonio D'Amelio - Reception

Antonio D’Amelio Reception


Valentino residence hall

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Carmela Acanfora - Reception

Carmela Acanfora Reception

Nicola Maniscalco - Reception

Nicola Maniscalco Reception


Mole Antonelliana residence hall

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Work in progress

The Mole Antonelliana residence hall is closed for building redevelopment from September 1st, 2020