13 April 2022

No War in Ukraine


The Collegio Einaudi Foundation joins the other actors of the Turin university system in sharing the appeal of the Secretary General of the United Nations of 23 February 2022 on respect for the principles of the United Nations Charter and on the need to establish a ceasefire and undertake way of dialogue and negotiation.

Collegio Einaudi officially undertakes to offer the maximum collaboration to the Turin universities in support of the humanitarian actions that will be undertaken to welcome Ukrainian refugees from the academic community.

Specifically, Collegio makes 10 places available in its residence halls with the hope and the wish that this gesture can help alleviate the suffering caused by the ongoing tragedy, in a joint effort of the Turin university community, to give relief to colleagues and students of Ukrainian universities.

We believe it is our duty to translate our closeness and solidarity to Ukraine through a concrete gesture – underlines Prof. Paolo Enrico Camurati, President of Collegio Einaudi –, for this reason Collegio will support and welcome 10 students and academic staff, who will find themselves in dangerous situations, to offer them the opportunity to continue university studies and research in a safe place”.


Collegio Einaudi hosts Daria Goptsii, a Ukrainian student of Computer Engineering fleeing the war


Her name is Daria Goptsii, she is 21 and comes from Kiev.

She studies as a computer engineer and dreams that in the future men and women “will create codes and no longer create wars“.
She is the first Ukrainian student, fleeing the emergency in her own country, to be hosted by the Collegio Einaudi Foundation of Turin, which in recent weeks has officially committed itself to offering maximum collaboration to Turin universities to welcome Ukrainian refugees from the academic community: Collegio has in fact made 10 places available in its residence halls with the hope and the wish that this gesture can help alleviate the suffering caused by the tragedy in progress.

Enrolled at the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, one of the most important and historical universities in Ukraine, founded in 1632, although very young Daria Goptsii has already obtained a degree in software engineering. A training course abruptly interrupted by the war and which, however, found support in Turin to restart: the collaboration between the Politecnico di Torino and Collegio Einaudi in fact offered Daria two fundamental points of reference for training but also for social and personal growth.

“I am sincerely grateful to Politecnico di Torino and the Collegio Einaudi for their help to Ukrainian students during Russian invasion of Ukraine and for the opportunity to continue our studies in Turin.” – tell Daria Goptsii

And Turin seems to have definitively conquered the young student “I have traveled a lot for studying and tourism during my life, but Turin indeed has its unique atmosphere incomparable to other places. People around are incredibly open-minded and welcoming, and I enjoy getting familiar with the city. However, I have to admit I wish Ukrainians who arrived here would come to appreciate the beauty of this place, not because of the emergency.”

Collegio Einaudi will host Daria and any other Ukrainian colleagues, guaranteeing them concrete support for the continuation of their studies, but, above all, a hospitable and safe place where they can live and grow in a welcoming and stimulating community.

“Collegio Einaudi has always been a place to support the professional and human training of young students from all corners of the world – underlined Prof. Paolo Enrico Camurati, President of Collegio Einaudi – For this reason in the face of a tragedy like what is happening in Ukraine we could not stand still and watch, but we have decided to act in collaboration with the Turin universities. For Daria, as well as for other Ukrainian students, we will not only provide training and hospitality. We will also give them protection, sociality and trust for a better future that these young people will help to create”.


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