30 March 2022

The music of Ludovico Einaudi for Collegio Einaudi


Ludovico Einaudi for the Collegio Einaudi Foundation on the occasion of the Turin concert of the international tour

On May 24th, Ludovico Einaudi will perform on the stage of the Giovanni Agnelli Auditorium to present his new album Underwater.
t will be possible to support the Collegio Einaudi Foundation with an unforgettable experience through exclusive packages.

The pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi, an icon of world music, will perform on Tuesday 24 May at 9.00 pm at the Giovanni Agnelli Auditorium, on the occasion of the Turin concert of the international tour.

Thanks to the sensitivity of Ludovico Einaudi it will be possible to support the Collegio Einaudi Foundation by purchasing exclusive packages for the concert:

  • GOLD PACK (500 €): concert in the stalls A + Greet & Meet with the artist at the end of the concert as well as exclusive merchandising (30 seats);
  • SILVER PACK (250 €): concert in Stalls A and exclusive merchandising

An important partnership, which sees music and merit as the protagonist.

Why participate?

The concert is part of the international tour for the presentation of the new album Underwater and the proceeds from the exclusive packages will go to support the redevelopment of the Mole residence hall in Via delle Rosine, 3: an important project, in the heart of Turin, which will allow the construction of 148 study places for deserving university students.

I am glad to take part in a project of such great value” says Ludovico Einaudi. “We often talk about the future: I believe that it is our duty to concretize this reality, in which music becomes manifest and a means to build and support many deserving young boys and girls in their study path.

An unforgettable evening is expected “explains Prof. Paolo Enrico Camurati, President of Collegio Einaudi:” The Vip Packs will allow you to listen to one of the most popular composers and musicians in the world and in parallel will give the opportunity to 148 deserving students, regardless of their starting conditions, to grow, train and compare in an open and dynamic community which will be the new Mole residence hall of Collegio Einaudi

The Vip Packs will be available until sold out and by May 6, 2022.

To purchase the packages and for more information on the initiative, you can contact the Communication, Fundraising and External Relations Office of the Collegio Einaudi Foundation – mail: comunicazione@collegioeinaudi.it; Tel: 011 8126853 – Cell. 3288797333