17 October 2022

Admissions 2022/23 | Updating of the waiting lists


We inform you that the form dedicated to UPDATING OF THE WAITING LISTS relating to the admission process 2022/23 is available on the Portale Studenti!

What is the reordering of lists for?

By filling out the form, candidates will be able to communicate their willingness to remain on the waiting list for a study place at Collegio Einaudi, thus allowing faster scrolling of the rankings.

  • The form must be completed by Sunday 23 October 2022 (included)
Why stay on the waiting list?

Because the experience of Collegio is something to be grasped even if you enter it after the academic year has started!
Compared to the other academic years, with the upcoming reopening of the renewed Mole residence hall, the chances of becoming part of our community and living the Einaudi experience will increase.

What happens if the form is not filled in?

All those who do NOT fill out the form by that date will automatically be considered as renouncing the study place and permanently deleted from the waiting lists. If you intend to give up the study place, fill in the form anyway indicating the reason for the renunciation.

ATTENTION: compilations received after the deadline will not be accepted and there are no exceptions.

For more info, open a ticket on the Portale Studenti