28 September 2022

Join Visionary Days 2022 with Collegio Einaudi


Visionary Days is the brainstorming marathon where thousands of connected young people from all over Italy meet to face the changes underway and shape the next future.

On December 3, eight hours of continuous brainstorming will be held online in Bergamo and hundreds of connected virtual tables to give life to a single collective debate fueled by inspirational talks.

Don’t stop at the possibility, push yourself towards reality. Don’t be afraid of change, become a part of it. Don’t wait for tomorrow, anticipate, be visionary.

Five themes will be addressed: Privilege, Directions, Moments, Inheritance, Participation.
For each topic, a session lasting one hour, introduced by a 15-minute talk as an expert on the stage who launches the topic and then passes the ball to the tables, called upon to develop ideas and visions, starting from what has been heard.

Exclusive Collegio Einaudi

Collegio Einaudi students can take advantage of an enrollment form reserved for them!

Registration deadline: October 20th

Would you like to be a Moderator?

The moderator will have the task of guiding the conversation at the table and activating the active comparison between the participants.