27 October 2021

Join Visionary Days 2021 with Collegio Einaudi


The Collegio Einaudi Foundation is a partner of Visionary Days, the virtual place where thousands of connected young people from all over Italy meet to face the changes underway and shape the next future.

On November 27th there will be ten hours of continuous brainstorming, hundreds of connected virtual tables to give life to a single collective debate fueled by inspirational talks.

A necessity: to be an active and concrete part of tomorrow. An immersive flow of energies and ideas for the future.

This year’s question is “How fast will tomorrow be?

Our daily life is punctuated by the furious demands of economic logic and by the increasingly urgent demands for sacrifices in the name of speed: what happens when we overcome the limits of space and time?

The students of the Collegio Einaudi have reserved seats!

Would you like to be a Moderator?

The moderator will have the task of guiding the conversation at the table and activating the active comparison between the participants.