12 June 2023

Louis Bonduelle Foundation at Collegio Einaudi for #zerosprecoincucina


The Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s #zerosprecoincucina tour continues, making a stop in Turin at Collegio Universitario Einaudi. Now in its second year, the project was created with the aim of raising awareness among young people about good anti-waste practices to follow in the kitchen and beyond, through an educational aperitif under the banner of well-being and sustainability featuring the vegetable world as the protagonist.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s #zerosprecoincucina tour involves students at the Collegio Universitari di Merito in an educational showcooking held by a chef, who prepares a live plant-based menu using seasonal ingredients and food waste. The goal is to introduce younger people to the possibilities of reusing common food scraps in order to reduce their impact on the environment.

“Each of us has a specific impact on the environment and every daily choice is decisive.With the awareness tour within the Colleges of Merit, we want to make young people understand the importance of taking sustainable and responsible steps to protect the environment. Only by adopting a healthy lifestyle that respects the world around us will we contribute to a change that is now more necessary than ever to protect our Planet. The new generations have great power and it is our job to provide them with all the tools they need to preserve their future.”- says Maria Chiara Appignani – Louis Bonduelle Foundation.

“”We would like to thank the Louis Bonduelle Foundation,” says Prof. Paolo Enrico Camurati, President of Collegio Einaudi, “for giving us the opportunity for a moment of reflection and training on a very current topic, such as healthy eating and attention to waste and responsible consumption. We enthusiastically welcomed this initiative because we believe it fits well with the Collegio’s philosophy, which wants its students to grow not only as good and prepared professionals, but also as mature, exemplary and, indeed, responsible citizens.””