14 February 2022

EKOs the new Collegio Einaudi’s cycle of seminars


EKOs (Einaudi Knowledges Open Seminars) is a project, born from the brilliant minds of the pupil Giuseppe Pignatelli and other colleges, for the development of a network that connects the student component of Collegio Einaudi and the world of contemporary scientific research.

The cycle of mini-talks has a fundamental objective: it wants to generate awareness and enthusiasm around contemporary research through a series of popular seminars on a topical issue, in the field of scientific research, presented and discussed from different disciplinary perspectives.

The idea of ​​EKOs was born from a memory of Umberto Eco, a former student of Collegio Einaudi from 1950 to 1954, precisely on the collegial experience. Among the many memories, Eco told “Collegio was a place where doctors talked with philosophers, with engineers“.

The next talk is:


Introduzione all’epistemologia politica

curated by Giorgio Matteoli (Università degli Studi di Torino, Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences)

15 febbraio 2022, ore 19:00