13 July 2022

Collegio Summer Closure | a.y. 2021/22


We inform Collegio students that the summer closing date for the academic year 2021/22 is SATURDAY 31 JULY 2022, at 10:00.

The process of the summer closure is as follows:

  • Communicate at least 2 days in advance to the reception the exact day on which you the student intend to leave Collegio, in order to anticipate the maintenaince and cleaning of the room
  • Upon release of the room, those who wish to carry out joint checks with the custodian and attendant (MON-FRI | 9AM – 12PM), must necessarily book, always 2 days in advance, through the appropriate “Registro Prenotazione Controllo Camere” (Room Control Reservation Register) at the reception

Download the Vademecum for Room Control



The rooms must be vacated by 9:00 am on 31 July 2022.

The room must be free of any furniture and personal effects (exceeding the normal equipment), to allow the necessary maintenance and cleaning operations to be carried out. Therefore, remember to completely empty the cabinets.

All furnishings and other material owned by the students must:

  • be stored in the premises made available by Collegio;
  • be marked with the appropriate labels that will be provided by the custodians;
  • be registered on the appropriate “parcel storage register” at the Reception.

    Any expenses that Collegio will have to face for the disposal of what was left in the room will be charged to the student.

    It is mandatory to thoroughly clean the room before leaving Collegio.

    The Management reserves the right to withhold up to a maximum of € 50.00 in the event that such cleaning has not been carried out with diligence (Article XVIII of the Regulations for Guests).


    The kitchens and common rooms

    The floor kitchens will be closed at 10:00 on 31 July 2022.

    The day before closing, based on the number of students present, most of the kitchens and common rooms on the floor (eg study rooms) may be closed.

    On the day of closure, the use of the remaining kitchens will be allowed for breakfast.



    Bicycles must be marked with the owner’s room number (ask for the nameplate at reception), the academic year 2021/22 and can be left in the racks.

    In the absence of places in the racks, they must be stored in the room made available.

    Bicycles without the identification mark or left in places other than those indicated will be given to the public landfill.

    Collegio declines all responsibility for any deterioration and / or loss of packages stored in the appropriate rooms and any other object forgotten in the room.                               

    For students applicants of the call for confirmation a.y. 2022/23

    Only students entitled to request confirmation of the place of study will be able to leave the parcels with their property in the aforementioned premises.
    The aforementioned packages must in any case be collected:

    •   by unconfirmed students by 12 SEPTEMBER 2021

    •   by confirmed students by 30 SEPTEMBER 2022

    For students who have not requested confirmation

    Students who have not requested confirmation of their study place for the following year must request the return of the security deposit by completing the final exit form on the Collegio Student Portal.

    Collegio reopening

    Collegio will reopen on August 31, 2022.