11 November 2021

Carlo Ratti meets Collegio Einaudi students


L’archistar Carlo Ratti returns to the Collegio Einaudi Foundation as part of the personalized training project, dialoguing and involving a virtual classroom of 160 students of the Collegio Einaudi!

The way we live, work and play is very different today than it was a few decades ago, thanks, in large part, to a network of connectivity that now includes most people on the planet.

Similarly, today we are at the beginning of a new technological revolution: the Internet is entering the physical space – the traditional domain of architecture and design – becoming an “Internet of Things” or IoT.

It is opening the door to a variety of applications that – similarly to what happened with the first wave of the Internet – can span many domains: from energy to mobility, from manufacturing to citizen participation.

This is the content of the introductory part of the meeting which then developed along three lines: the role of creativity in planning the world of the future, the structural differences between research in Italy and in the international context (mainly the US), the added value of collegiate life.

On this specific point, Ratti has shown a particular sensitivity towards the growth potential offered by the experience of common life in a boarding school.

«A nice thing about collegial reality is just bringing together people who study different things and come from different backgrounds»

In closing, Ratti not only symbolically invited the class to come forward, to propose their ideas, even directly to him and encouraged the students to ‘be mutagenic agents in the world!

Another little curiosity: Carlo Ratti is the son of a former student of the Einaudi College!

[Archive photo 2016]