Article XVI – How to use the premises and equipment of common use and inherent responsibilities

XVI.1. The guest is obliged, in the use of common facilities and services, to comply with the instructions given by the general management, detailed in the notices posted on the appropriate notice boards and on the intranet. Furthermore, particular attention must be paid to the provisions concerning the self-management of kitchens, laundries, common rooms and other equipment supplied with each section. The guest is obliged to preserve his/her own and others’ safety: therefore, he/she must at all times base conduct on this duty.

XVI.2. Damage to and/or improper or incorrect use of common facilities, goods and services leads to the assumption of civil liability with the consequent duty to compensate for the damage caused. The Collegio reserves the right, in this case, to withdraw from the hospitality contract stipulated with the guest(s) in question, with consequent forfeiture of the holding of the place of study.

XVI.3. If it is not possible to determine the perpetrator(s) of the damage and/or improper or incorrect use, the section manager has the right to temporarily suspend, at the level of the floor and/or section, the services which were found to be deficient from a sanitary and/or functional point of view. Where compensation is necessary, based on the common areas affected by damage and/or improper or incorrect use, the Collegio will forward the relative request to the guests of the specific floor and/or the entire section.

XVI.4. Guests wishing to use fitness areas and equipment rooms, even if only occasionally, are required to sign a special declaration of awareness of the associated risks.