14 November 2023

The Polo delle Arti with the College of Artists at the Cavallerizza


The innovative project that aims to host the future Polo delle Arti within the Cavallerizza Reale in Turin was presented this morning at the Aula Magna of the Cavallerizza Reale.

An initiative of considerable cultural and social depth, it brings together the main public and private institutions in the area including the Piedmont Region, City of Turin, Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, University of Turin, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Turin and Einaudi University College Foundation.

Alongside the popularization, research and experimentation part, the Polo delle Arti will also boast within it a 2,900-square-meter College of Merit, where deserving university students who choose Turin to undertake their training in the arts and music will live.

Paolo Enrico Camurati, President of the Fondazione Collegio Universitario Einaudi: “We are happy and excited to have the opportunity to resume the process of expansion of Collegio Einaudi, which will allow us to further develop our ability to manage complex projects and to be an active part of the Turin University System, not only as a service provider, but also as a coordinator and manager of initiatives on multiple levels. For the Einaudi College to be able to think of realizing its sixth college, addressing a very specific audience, such as that of higher education in digital arts, is a dream come true, in the wake of our tradition, which has always seen in multidisciplinarity and hybridization the stimuli to be more and more a community open to innovation and experimentation.”

For more information about the project, download the Press Release