21 March 2022

Sports in green areas: discover the Torino OnMove project


The love for nature, combined with the desire to offer people a new opportunity to carry out regular physical activity, led to the birth of Turin OnMove, a project signed by Centro Universitario Sportivo Torinese in collaboration with Università degli Studi di TorinoCampus EDISU PiemonteFondazione Collegio Einaudi. The City of Torino which granted the patronage, also promoted and supported the iniative. The project was selected as part of the “Muoviamoci” call of the Fondazione Compagnia di Sanpaolo.

In the last two years, citizens have been increasingly aware of the importance of public green spaces: the prevention and containment measures put in place to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic have made us rediscover lovers of outdoor activities, in and out of the cities. While the world has stopped, the desire to move, especially between home fitness and outdoor, has exploded.

The propensity towards physical activity in the open air had already been evident for several years, the health emergency has only accelerated this trend: according to data collected by the study conducted by the National Tourist Research Institute together with Legambiente, in 2020 30% of vacationers indicated sport as the motivation for the holiday, trekking (39% of preferences) is the most successful activity, cycling tourism follows (32% of preferences), 49.2% of people did tourism in natural places.

Starting from April 2022 until June 2023, members will be able to choose from numerous activities that will take place in 10 parks in the Piedmontese capital: PARCO DEL VALENTINO, PARCO DELLA PELLERINA, PARCO RUFFINI, PARCO PIAZZA D’ARMI, PARCO COLONNETTI, PARCO DORA, ROYAL GARDENS, MENNEA PARK, SEMPIONE PARK, CRESCENZIO PARK.

Sports activities will take place on a bi / three-weekly basis and will range from the more traditional runs and walks to bodyweight workouts, stretching, breathing control and much more. In this context, the University of Turin has decided to participate in order to provide a quantitative measure of the effect that this physical activity, carried out for at least two or three months, has on the physical abilities of individual participants.

All those who want to join will be invited to participate in a battery of tests at the beginning and at the end of the Torino On Move project and will be able to find out how much they have improved in their capacity for strength, flexibility, fine dexterity, balance and cardiorespiratory fitness. In this way, on the basis of scientific data, it will be possible to strengthen in each of the participants the awareness of how much changing one’s lifestyle can radically improve our physical abilities and therefore our health.

Registrations are open and the Turin OnMove season ticket will cost 10 euros per month for each park and will include: CUS membership with insurance included, participation in all park activities and a welcome kit consisting of a baby carrier, door mobile phone, bag and microfiber towel.

Info & contacts: www.custorino.it/torino-on-moveparchi@custorino.it