31 March 2023

Letters from the Future | Acknowledgements and Press Review


The renovated Mole residence hall of the Collegio Einaudi Foundation of Torino at Via delle Rosine 3 in the heart of Turin was officially opened on March 30, 2023.
An important educational and residential space for young female and male university students, the result of an impressive 18-month redevelopment project that focused on a new redefinition of the spaces, welcoming, bright and student-friendly, and on the principles of eco-sustainability.


“With the redevelopment of the Mole Section, we continue our project aimed at renovating and making the Collegio Einaudi’s five residences even more hospitable, spacious and interactive – says Prof. Paolo Enrico Camurati, President of the Fondazione Collegio Universitario Einaudi – A project that makes us very proud and from which, we are sure, everyone will benefit. Starting with the deserving university students, who in our renovated spaces will find not only a place to live and study, but will find a solid support for their educational and human growth, a stimulating and intercultural environment where they can seize new opportunities, live interesting experiences and forge bonds with people from different places and contexts; a launching pad to face the future world of work and research with confidence, seriousness and enthusiasm. But, we are sure, that the entire citizenry will benefit from this new project, because our locations will never be islands separated from the contexts and neighborhoods in which they are located. We want them to be more and more places of welcome, aggregation and cultural exchange, reliable references for the social and economic development of the urban fabric”.

The cost of the redevelopment project was 8.8 million euros, almost half of which was financed by the MUR (IV announcement L.338/2000) and the remainder by its own funds and contributions from the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin, Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation and CRT Foundation, for a combined total of 320,000 euros, and through a fundraising campaign aimed at citizens and the corporate world for a total of 106,000 euros.


The new Mole residence hall covers 5 floors for 5,500 square meters with 152 study places (+ 37 compared to the past), including 144 in single rooms with private bathrooms, new study rooms, 1 guesthouse, 5 common kitchens and 9 rooms for Erasmus and visiting professors. In the basement, large gathering and recreational spaces such as a gymnasium, music room, laundry room and rooms dedicated to training and group activities have been created. In the attic, which was recovered for living purposes during the work, 3 new bright study rooms, overlooking the rooftops of Turin, and 11 new rooms were designed. The Mole Section will also host students from the United ‘Ferdinando Rossi’ School of Advanced Studies, which involves about 100 young people each year who are eager to supplement their university education not only with cross-curricular courses but also with a life experience in a stimulating and enriching community.

With the reopening of the Mole Section, Collegio Einaudi puts another piece in the important project of renovating all five of its Turin residences with the aim, on the one hand, of adapting them to the needs and standards of contemporary life, and on the other hand, of expanding the number of study places and thus contributing to the increase in the offer of the Turin University System. To date, Collegio Einaudi offers a total of more than 850 deserving university students living spaces and training paths in its five Turin locations.

We are deeply grateful to all those who made the redevelopment of the Mole Antonelliana Section possible:


And a heartfelt thank you to all the Partners who helped make the inauguration event special:


Relive the excitement of the grand opening event with our photo galleries

We thank our partners for the wonderful performances:
Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino students
– Jazz Quartet of the School of Jazz of the Conservatorio di Musica di Torino
– The Modern Jazz, University Dance Company and Pizzica and Southern Dances course by the CUS Torino

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