Will someone be there to welcome me when I first enter Collegio?

You will find many figures to welcome you:
– at the reception, our custodianss will give you the keys to the room and the badge, and will give you the basic information to start orienting yourself in the whole structure – the Tutors, i.e. guest students like you at Collegio, will accompany you to your room, and will show you the section that will host you. The Tutors will be able to support you throughout the academic year regarding:
– the pursuit of the objectives set by the Personalized Training Plan
– access to the numerous opportunities and services of Collegio (e.g. calls, study awards, cultural initiatives, events …)
– understanding of university subjects and study paths.
– finally, after your entry into Collegio, you will meet the Section Director: present in each of the Collegio residence halls, he/she is the point of reference for what concerns community life and the training activities of the PFP.

Furthermore you can always count on your Delegates: each Section has its own representatives, called “Delegates”, who together form the Student Council, whose task is to propose, receive and evaluate proposals for improvement and / or integration of the activities and services that study place holders consider it to be of interest, forwarding any requests in this regard to the General Management