What are the Study Awards?

They are prizes that are awarded to the best students of Collegio based on their academic achievements.
Students can participate in a call that evaluates their performance and awards prizes of 3 different entities: GOLD (€ 2,500), SILVER (€ 1,000), BRONZE (€ 500).
The purpose of the awards is to support deserving young people in their educational path, in order to give concrete support to students who invest in quality training, making every effort to obtain high-level results.
The prizes of an amount equal to or greater than € 500, made possible thanks to a single donor, can be entitled and the donor, if he wishes, can personally know the student who has been awarded the prize and follow him during the course of study.
Donations of less than € 500 are added to other donations, in order to reach the amount established for the various types of prizes.