Article XXIII – Sanctions

XXIII.1. In relation to the nature and seriousness of the infringement committed, the following disciplinary measures may be taken:
(a) written warning (which highlights the infringement committed and formally demands that the guest ceases to behave incorrectly);
(b) pecuniary sanctions to the extent of between € 25.00 and € 150.00;
(c) pecuniary sanctions to the extent between Euro 151.00 and Euro 300.00;
(d) disqualification from the possibility of applying for a place in the Collegio for the following academic year;
(e) the withdrawal from the hospitality contract and the consequent forfeiture of the ownership of the study place, with removal from the Collegio.

XXIII.2. If the disciplinary commission intends to impose the penalties indicated above in letters (d) and (e) it must obtain the prior favourable opinion of the board of directors.