Article XXII – Disciplinary procedures

XXII.1. At the beginning of each academic year, the disciplinary committee is set up by order of the general manager. The commission is composed of three members: the general director who leads it, a person chosen by mutual agreement by the president of the Collegio and student representative within the board of directors, and the coordinator of the student council.

XXII.2. The provision of appointment of the disciplinary commission is made public by means of an indication on the Collegio intranet.

XXII.3. Commission meetings may also be held in audio or video conference. In this case, the president of the commission must identify, personally and in a certain way, all the participants possibly connected in audio or video conference and make sure that the telematic tools allow them, in real time, to follow the discussion and intervene in the discussion of topics: the decision can be made by mutual agreement and approval with telematic tools whether communication is clear enough to go ahead.

XXII.4. Within 5 days from the occurrence of the conduct described in article XXI.1, the president of the disciplinary commission formulates a detailed notification to the guest by means of a PEC letter, detailing the facts attributed to him/her and at the same time informing him/her of the opening of the disciplinary procedure.

XXII.5. The guest, within 5 days of receiving the communication referred to in the previous paragraph, may present his/her observations in writing, asking to be heard and/or request that the commission carry out preliminary investigations relating to the disputed occurrence.

XXII.6. Upon completion of the preliminary investigation, the disciplinary committee may, by a majority of two thirds of the members, file the dispute or provide one of the sanctions indicated in the following article.

XXII.7. If the disputed conduct is serious and potentially dangerous or harmful to other guests and/or the Collegio staff, the disciplinary committee has the right to suspend the offending guest from the holding of the study site.