Article XVIII – The deposit

XVIII.1. Each guest, at the time of the assignment of the place of study, is required to pay the Collegio a deposit of the amount stated in the hospitality contract.
If the deposit is reduced due to the infra expected, the guest will be required to reinstate it, according to the provisions of paragraph XVIII.5. At the time of its definitive release, the Collegio is required to reimburse the entire security deposit, except as indicated in the following paragraph.

XVIII.2. The Collegio has the right to withhold – totally or partially – the security deposit in the cases stated in the hosting contract and possibly by specific announcements.

XVIII.3. If the guest, or persons unrelated to the Collegio attributable to the same guest, cause loss or damage to the Collegio’s assets entrusted to the guest in question, the security deposit paid will be used by the Collegio to cover the costs of restoration.

XVIII.4. If the guest does not adequately clean the room on the occasion of the Christmas or summer closing, thus violating the provisions of paragraph XV.5 lett. c), the general management reserves the right to withhold an amount not exceeding € 50.00 to cover the necessary work.

XVIII.5. In the event of compensation taken from the security deposit by the Collegio, the guest in question has the obligation to reinstate it within 15 days by the request of the Collegio. If the guest fails to do so within the aforementioned deadline, the Collegio reserves the right to withdraw from the hospitality contract with consequent forfeiture of the ownership of the study place.