Article XV – Responsibilities regarding care and use of the rooms and common areas

XV.1. The guest is responsible for the proper preservation of the room and the goods entrusted to him/her with the room. Consequently, he/she is required to pay for the repair of any damage to the systems, furniture and furnishings resulting from the disappearance and/or incorrect use of them.

XV.2. At the beginning of the period of stay in the Collegio it is required to sign an acceptance report of the room that certifies the state of preservation of the same, of the furnishings and linen contained therein; what is written in this report will serve as a comparison to the preservation of the room and its contents at the time of the release of the room at the summer closure of the Collegio, the temporary suspension of the study place, or following the decision to renounce the place of study in Collegio. If the need arises, the section manager reserves the right to operate, by appointment with the interested parties and in their presence, inspections in the rooms assigned to the guests to verify their state of conservation.

XV.3. During the academic year, the cleaning of the rooms, as well as of any annexed rooms, is entrusted exclusively to the guests. If their lack of or insufficient cleaning is such as to cause serious deficiencies in terms of health and hygiene, the section director reserves the right to report them to the disciplinary commission.

XV.4. Guests are strictly prohibited from carrying out criminally relevant conduct and the following:
a) bringing flammable materials, fuels, weapons and explosives into the room and keeping them in storage;

a) possessing and using on the premises of the Collegio narcotic and psychotropic substances for non-therapeutic use;
b) using equipment/devices in such a way as to overload the sockets and power lines of the room, thus risking to put the safety of oneself and of the other guests at risk, for example by powering many equipment/devices simultaneously from a single socket using the so-called “power strips”, or by connecting them to an unsuitable socket;
c) using equipment/devices with an inadequate and/or non-compliant degree of protection (eg not bearing the CE, IMQ or other approved mark);
d)using/install equipment/devices which have a high consumption on the electricity network. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to use/install stoves, irons, electric stoves and/or radiators of various kind, own air conditioning systems (such as portable air conditioners and/or portable evaporative coolers), which consume 80 Watts or more;

e) using equipment and/or private hardware devices (such as, for example, hubs, routers, switches, access points, power lines, etc.) capable of interfering with the Collegio’s network systems, causing them to malfunction or limit performance;
f) keeping animals of any kind;
g) introducing nets, camp beds or other furniture and/or making changes or adaptations to furniture and systems in both the bedroom and common areas; this prohibition can only be exceeded by a provision of the general manager issued at the request of the guest if there are objective reasons for him/her to make use of his /her own property;
h) replacing the original curtains and/or mattresses and/or pillows of the rooms;
i) installing different or additional chamber locking devices with respect to the existing ones;
j) taking linen, blankets, furniture, etc. out of the Collegio’s premises, even for short periods of time, supplied with the room or common rooms;
k) bringing goods belonging to the common rooms into the bedrooms;
l) loitering in the corridors, at emergency exits, stairs and any other escape route;
m) smoking, both in the bedroom and in the common areas;
n) using the courtyard as a parking space for cars or motorcycles of students or people connected to them (eg parents, friends, etc.);
o) painting the walls without the authorisation of the section director, or applying stickers or posters directly onto walls, doors or furniture;
p) allowing access to, or staying on, the Collegio’s premises after 1:00 am;
q) sharing or renting rooms to others, even if they are family members;
r) behaving in a manner that by nature is contrary to civil cohabitation or likely to cause harm to other guests, the staff in service, the structure, or to the furnishings (example of such forbidden behaviours: ‘gavettoni’, tampering with the security and service systems of rooms and equipment in common use available to guests, etc.);
s) leaving personal belongings or furnishings in the room or common areas (especially in the kitchens of the floor), at the summer closing of the Collegio;
t) disposing of waste considered special by current legislation, dangerous or not, in ways other than those indicated in the specific operating procedures prepared by the council;
u) using, within the Collegio, appliances or systems that limit hearing ability, especially in a guest’s own room; for example, the use of: loud headphones, high-volume earphones on both ears, high-volume radios, earplugs or other noise-reduction systems, etc. is prohibited.

XV.5. All Guests are obliged to:
a) participate in any rapid room evacuations in preparation for cases of emergency;
b) promptly report on the appropriate register, kept at the reception desk of each section, the faults detected both in the rooms and in the common areas, in order to allow the appropriate technical interventions;
c) at the summer closure, perform a thorough cleaning of the room before leaving the Collegio;
d) deliver the key to your room to the receptionist of the section where you stay at the summer closure and during the Christmas holidays; consequently the return to the Collegio, after the indicated closing periods, must take place during the opening hours of the reception itself.

XV.6. The Collegio accepts no responsibility, either inside the room or within the common areas, in relation to valuables and/or money owned by the Guest, including those delivered to the reception by couriers.