Article XIV – Health regulations

XIV.1. All study place holders are required to provide the general management, upon admission or confirmation, with a special self-certification stating their state of health.

XIV.2. Within 30 days from entering the Collegio, Italian study place holders, destined to remain in the Collegio for a period longer than 6 calendar months, are required to demonstrate that they can use the health service for healthcare in Turin, national Health Service, and have the obligation to choose a doctor in Turin. Foreign study place holders are, on the other hand, subject to the current national healthcare regulations, also in relation to what is required for the completion of the residence permit, where applicable.

XIV.3. In the event of failure to observe the above provisions regarding the use of the SSN, the Collegio reserves the right to declare the application for confirmation of the study place for the following academic year to be inadmissible.

XIV.4. Guests who, during the academic year, have suffered the onset of pathological conditions incompatible with community life must immediately inform the general management. Failure to comply with this communication obligation, in addition to the immediate removal from the Collegio, causes him/her to lose the status of a study place holder and excludes any refund of the amounts paid as a fee and a security deposit.