Article VIII – Student Council: composition and election, distrust

VIII.1. The student council, having the functions provided by article 18 of the statute, is composed of the delegates elected for each section of the Collegio in the manner set out below. A member remains in office for one year and until the next election.

VIII.2. Each section has an election commission of three members: the section director and two indicated by the current student council. The student council indicates the two names among those who are candidates.

VIII.3. The section managers organise, by October 30th of each year, the voting operations for the election of the two section delegates, for which all the study place holders have active and passive electorates. Prompt notification of the date of the elections and the way it is carried out must be given to all guests.

VIII.4. The date for the elections is fixed in consultation with the current student council. Where special requirements exist, the date set may be different for each section. Applications must be submitted for each section by the fifth day before the elections. Those who intend to present their candidacy must complete the appropriate form prepared by the directorate general published on the intranet site and collect at least 10 signatures of guests in the same section.

VIII.5. The elections are held by secret ballot, with the possibility of expressing at most two preferences among the candidates of the individual sections.

VIII.6. The functional quorum for the election is 20% of the holders of places of study of each section. If this quorum is not reached, a new vote will be held on the next 15th working day. If the 20% quorum is not reached in the second vote: (a) if the voters reach at least 10%, only one representative will be elected; (b) if the voters have not even reached 10%, no representative will be considered elected in that section nor, for the current academic year, further votes will be taken.

VIII.7. The operations of acceptance of the candidacies and of voting and scrutiny take place under the direct responsibility of the electoral commission.

VIII.8. The electoral commission draws up the minutes of the voting operations and certifies the results of the vote, taking care of their publication.
VIII.9. Regarding replacement of the delegates who have resigned during the academic year or have lost their study place in the Collegio, the candidates who are the first non-elected in the last elections are automatically appointed.