Article VII – Collaboration assignments entrusted to study place holders

VII.1. Holders of places of study at the Collegio may be appointed to perform, on behalf of the same, as paid collaborators, certain duties considered of particular interest or utility for the proper functioning of the Collegio’s structures and services (such as, by way of example only) : reception services, libraries, IT support, etc.).

VII.2. For the conferment of such duties the general management, without prejudice to the faculty to stipulate specific contracts with each of the interested parties, when possible draws from the rankings of part-time collaborations of Turin universities. Alternatively, it promotes possible collaborations through specific notices published on the intranet, or it reserves the right to entrust collaborative duties, without prior publication of a specific announcement, when: (a) conditions of particular urgency exist; (b) it is impossible or even inappropriate to separate complementary tasks and services from activities already being carried out by specific guest students; (c) the duty consists of the repetition of tasks or services similar to those already performed by specific guests.