Article IV – Criteria of the assignment of the room

IV.1. The assignment of the room in favour of each study place holder takes place according to a special ranking which takes into account the preferences indicated by the guest in the application for participation in the announcement.

IV.2. In the sections where not all the rooms have private facilities, the rooms with private facilities are assigned by ranking based, in order of priority, on length of stay in the Collegio, university experience, academic merit and finally random selection of the applicants.

IV.3. In case of confirmation of the place of study, the guest has the right to continue to reside in the Section to which he was assigned in the previous academic year, except for reasons of extenuating circumstances (such as, for example, the unavailability of the structures).

IV.4. One third of the places available in each section at the end of the academic year is allocated for transfers. Therefore the guest, together with the confirmation request, may submit a motivated request for transfer to another section.

IV.5. During the academic year, the exchange of rooms within the same section is allowed after agreement between the occupying guests, and upon written request to the section director.

IV.6. Disabled guests are assigned specially equipped rooms. In the event that there are no disabled guests, the rooms equipped for them can still be assigned to able-bodied guests. If during the year there is the need to welcome a disabled guest with specific needs, the general manager will evaluate the individual case, so as to respect the needs of both the disabled guest and the non-disabled guest.