Article III – Confirmation of the place of study

III.1. Holders of study places who, according to the provisions of the regulation implementing the statutory purposes, have the right to maintain the place of study for subsequent academic years, may submit a specific confirmatory application within the time limits set annually by the Collegio in the relative notice.

III.2. The right dictated in the previous paragraph is subject to the possession, at the moment, of all the requisites – also of merit – which will be indicated in the annual announcement.

III.3. If the guest has obtained the place of study as a first and second level university student and enrolls in third level courses (such as masters, specialisation or specialisation schools), he/she has the right to re-apply for admission in the field of interest for postgraduate students.

III.4. The procedure for confirming the place of study is completed by signing a new hospitality contract.

III.5. The guest who is engaged in international mobility programs and/or internships abroad can obtain confirmation of the place of study by requesting temporary suspension for the period of stay abroad. The request must be sent to the Collegio within the terms and in the manner established in the announcements for admission and confirmation of the academic year for which he/she intendeds to effect the suspension.

III.6. The guest who, at the end of the mobility and/or internship program, intends to return to the Collegio during the academic year in which he/she obtained the temporary suspension described in paragraph III.5., will be able to obtain the return to the Collegio according to the rules established in the announcements for admission and confirmation of the academic year in which the return occurs.

III.7. The provisions of the above paragraphs III.5. and III.6 also apply in the event that the guest, during the academic year, must be absent for periods longer than two months for reasons other than those provided for in the paragraph.