Art. I. Principles and definitions.

I.1. This regulation constitutes an implementation tool: (a) of the statutory purposes pursued by the Collegio; (b) of the provisions of the same statute in articles 24.1.I), 24.1.III) and 18; (c) of the provisions of DD.MM. nn. 672 and 673/2016.

I.2. The Collegio respects the principle of transparency; therefore, all the procedures carried out regarding admission to the Collegio, the confirmation of study places, and the awarding of study/degree awards are published on the website and allow the interested party to check the correct application of the statutory rules and criteria established.

I.3. The president of the Collegio is the body to which any complaints or disputes may be addressed.

I.4. A “guest” is defined as anyone who has access to the sections of the Collegio and uses services and common spaces, even only temporarily.

I.5. A “study place holder” is defined as any student who is a member of the Collegio who has signed a hospitality contract in accordance with the provisions of legislative decree n. 68/2012.