Call for International Language Certifications To encourage attendance and commitment in the study of a foreign language

Call for International Language Certifications
Outcome processing

Opens 12 February 2021
Closes 8 September 2021
Outcomes 1 November 2021


Contributions to total reimbursement of enrollment costs relating to international foreign language certification exams


Students of Collegio Einaudi holding a place of study for the academic year 2020/21, for which they have signed their own personalized training project (PFP).

Eligibility criteria

Only and exclusively students who have met all the following requirements will be entitled to the contributions covered by this call:

1) in relation to the academic year 2020/21, have completed their PFP according to the indications provided by the D.M. 673 of 08/09/2016;

2) in relation to the academic year 2020/21, having completed, once your personalized training project has been completed, any questionnaire to assess the non-formal skills acquired during the academic year (administered by Collegio or the MUR);

3) having obtained the linguistic certification (and not only the possible attribution of a level of knowledge of the language);

4) NOT having already obtained, from the university to which they belong, a similar reimbursement for the same purposes

How to participate

Taking the international exam

in the period from 01/09/2020 to 31/08/2021;

fill in the online form

available in the tender document

fill in the IBAN area of ​​the Student Portal

with the data of the current account on which to credit any contribution won

Send via ticket on the Student Portal

send no later than 08/09/2021:

  • subject: “Documentation of the tender for language certifications 2020”
  • the certificate of achievement of the certification or other document, also in digital format, from which the achievement of the same can be deduced;
  • payment receipt

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