Call for Study Awards For the most deserving students

Call for Study Awards

Opens 7 November 2023
Closes 23 November 2023
Outcomes 7 December 2023

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The prizes are awarded annually to the best students of Collegio Einaudi, based on their academic results, thanks to the funds raised during the year by institutions and individuals.

The call awards three different types of prizes: € 2,500 Gold Award, € 1,000 Silver Award, € 500 Bronze Award.


Students holding a place to study in Collegio Einaudi

Eligibility criteria

Download the announcement and verify that you have the eligibility criteria

How to participate

Download the announcement and read the document carefully

Check the eligibility criteria

Fill out the participation form

In the period from November 7th and 22nd, 2023

If necessary, update the self-certification of exams taken on 7/31/2023

 in the OTHER DOCUMENTS area of ​​the Student Portal

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