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To enter one of our residence halls and live the Einaudi experience, you will need to go through an admission process!

Find out in which student category you can submit your admission application.


Questions and Answers

How do you enter Collegio Einaudi?

To enter Collegio Einaudi, it is necessary to participate in an admission procedure.

All the information relating to the methods of participation and use of the study place are available in the admission procedure document.

Visit the Admissions, Calls and Awards page of the website to learn more

What opportunities does it offer?

Annual courses of supplementary training tailored to individual needs and interests;
Economic incentives for international mobility, the achievement of language certifications and study stays abroad;
Opportunities for discovery and participation in the schedule of cultural activities in the city of Turin;
Sports activities in agreement with the CUS Torino (with an 80% discount);
Free counseling and listening services (eg coaching, psychological counseling, mentoring); study rooms in each section.

How much does Collegio cost?

The rates are indicated each year by the Board of Directors of the Collegio and reported in the Admission and Confirmation process.

The annual fee consists of a fee to be paid by Collegio and a fee to be paid by the student.
All students pay special rates, thanks to the ministerial contribution and donations from organizations and individuals.

Can I live in Collegio even if I live in Turin?

Yes, living at Collegio Einaudi is a unique experience! And there are no geographical constraints. The right opportunity to try an experience of independence and autonomy and become part of a young community

If I am assigned a place to study at Collegio, will I be guaranteed for the entire university course?

All students of Collegio Einaudi, if they want to continue living in the following years at our Foundation, must participate in the confirmation process which provides for certain merit requirements.
For more info, visit the Confirmation section for more info

What does Collegio of Merit mean?

The Collegio di Merito is more than just a university residence: it offers university students not only a space to live the university years but a real 360 ° experience: opportunities, incentives and rewards for study, integrative and transversal training compared to the university one and a lively and stimulating community, aimed at accompanying the path of the individual student.

It differs from university residences for the range of additional services compared to residential ones, and access is only possible through a selection process based on merit and personal motivation.

The Colleges of Merit are Bodies recognized and accredited by the Ministry of University and Research.

What is the PFP?

It is the Collegio’s Personalized Training Plan, which each student draws upon entering Collegio and which they undertake to attend for the entire academic year.
The Collegio Einaudi Foundation offers a wide range of multidisciplinary training experiences, complementary to those of university courses.
Taking part in the learning paths at Collegio Einaudi is a dense and engaging experience that is characterized by:
• the high level of personalization of one’s learning path
• expert accompaniment along the way by Collegio staff and professional coaches
• the focus on transversal skills that cannot be renounced for young people who intend to guide their own idea of ​​the future such as Self-Awareness, the Other and the World
• belonging to a living community attentive to self-care, the group and the wider community as areas in which to share one’s merit and cultivate / grow one’s ambitions

Will someone be there to welcome me when I first enter Collegio?

You will find many figures to welcome you:
– at the reception, our custodians will give you the keys to the room and the badge, and will give you the basic information to start orienting yourself in the whole structure – the Tutors, i.e. guest students like you at Collegio, will accompany you to your room, and will show you the section that will host you. The Tutors will be able to support you throughout the academic year regarding:
– the pursuit of the objectives set by the Personalized Training Plan
– access to the numerous opportunities and services of Collegio (e.g. calls, study awards, cultural initiatives, events …)
– understanding of university subjects and study paths.
– finally, after your entry into Collegio, you will meet the Section Director: present in each of the Collegio residence halls, he/she is the point of reference for what concerns community life and the training activities of the PFP.

Furthermore you can always count on your Delegates: each Section has its own representatives, called “Delegates”, who together form the Student Council, whose task is to propose, receive and evaluate proposals for improvement and / or integration of the activities and services that study place holders consider it to be of interest, forwarding any requests in this regard to the General Management

Do you have further doubts?

Open a ticket on the Portale Studenti: registering is easy and free.

If you have doubts or requests for info, open a ticket on the Student Portal or if you need assistance in completing the admission application, book your session online!

Our staff will answer you as soon as possible

Sabrina Sirianni - Admissions and Confirmations Office

Sabrina Sirianni Admissions and Confirmations Office