Bando Posti di studio gratuiti For the most deserving students

Bando Posti di studio gratuiti

Opens 12 July 2021
Closes 31 July 2021
Outcomes 22 October 2021

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4 free study places financed by the Collegio Einaudi Foundation


  • 2 places reserved for students enrolled in study courses of the Politecnico group;

  • 1 place reserved for students enrolled in scientific study courses of the University group;

  • 1 place reserved for students enrolled in humanistic courses of the University group.

Eligibility criteria

  • having been a holder of a study place during the academic year 2020/21;

  • have benefited from the Collegio’s hospitality service for at least 5 months during the academic year 2020/21 (including in the calculation also the weeks of lockdown possibly not spent in Collegio);

  • submit an application in the period between 12/07/2021 and 31/07/2021;

How to participate

Fill in the participation form

In the period from 12 to 31 July 2021.

Upload the self-certification of the exams taken at 31 July 2021

In the PG DOCUMENTS UPLOAD area of ​​the Student Portal. Attention: Since the call relates to the academic year 2020/21, we remind you that it is necessary to select the academic year 2020/21 on the home page of the Student Portal (after logging in, the Portal will automatically show the academic year 2021/22).


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