Admissions 2022/23 For students enrolled in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd year of Bachelor degree and for students enrolled in the 1st year of Master degree

Admissions 2022/23

Opens 1 February 2022
Closes 15 June 2022
Outcomes 11 July 2022



Assignment of no less than 100 accommodation benefit awards in private room, for the period September 12, 2022- July 31 2023, included


  • Enrolled students in the 1st year of Bachelor degree or in the 1st year of a 5-6 year Master degree
  • Enrolled students in the 2nd year of Bachelor degree
  • Enrolled students in the 3rd year of Bachelor degree
  • Enrolled in the 1st year of Master degree

Eligibility criteria

Download the call for admissions and verify that you have the eligibility criteria

How to participate

Download the call and read the document carefully

Check the eligibility criteria

Accreditation and completion of the application

After the accreditation, send the application for admission (BAM) and upload the required documents in the UPLOAD BAM DOCUMENTS area.

If you have doubts or requests for info, open a ticket on the Student Portal or if you need assistance in completing the admission application, book your session online!

Participation in potential assessment tests

Within 15 days from the date of submission of the application, accept the invitation to participate in the potential assessment tests via the link to access the self-assessment questionnaire and online individual interview received by the staff

Complete the admission process by and no later than June 15, 2022

Make sure you have completed all the steps required by the admission process

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