Erasmus students

The number of rooms is limited, the sooner you contact us, the more likely you are to obtain accommodation.

If you are interested in living in one of our residential halls, send an email until the end of May to:
stating your name, surname, sex, address, mobile phone no., family phone no. (to be used in case of emergency), degree course attended, period of stay in Turin and preference for single or double room.
We will give you an answer by the end of June.


The Collegio offers accommodation also to foreign students who attend the University or the Politecnico with Erasmus/Socrates Programme.

Otherwise foreign students have to be enrolled at the University or to the Politecnico for the entire course of study and have to take part to the standard admission procedure.

If you are an Erasmus student, Collegio Einaudi offers you the possibility of accommodation at our facilities and to spend your stay in Turin in a youthful and dynamic environment with a wealth of opportunities for mixing, exchange and training.

Erasmus Students are accommodated in residences situated near the University or the Politecnico; each residence at each floor a common kitchen shared with other Italian students. Kitchens are equipped with cookers, electric and microwave ovens; residents have to bring their own cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery.
All of the accommodation is on a self-catering basis; there are canteens for students situated nearby.
The Collegio provides bed linen and blankets that are changed twice a month.
Each residence has a broadband internet connection from each room and computer area.
In each residence there is a self-service laundry, a computer area, a TV room, a fitness centre, a music room, a drawing room and a ping-pong room.

The Collegio Einaudi is open all year round except for August and during Christmas holidays.

Entrance to Collegio is possible 24 hours a day.

Students must pay their fee to the Accommodation Office by cheque or postal payment.
For further information please send an e-mail to:


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